Stop now: these mistakes damage your skin!

You certainly have seen many tips and advices on the internet and you’re wondring if all of them works, and wich ones to trust and try, it can be confusing to knox what to Do and Don’t.

We all desire to have a gorgeous and glowy skin but we’re not sure if tips we’re using are the best for our skin or not, Today i’ll share with you the most commun skincare mistakes that you do and you affect your skin health.

No. 1 – Wearing Make up While Sleeping

We’re all sure that going to bed without removing makeup is a bad idea, but most of us do this often and feel guilty about it, sure we have busy days and we’re tired that we just want to go straight to bed,

the makeup you wear all day long can attract free radicals and bacterias that breakdown the collagen production on your skin, leads to a dull and dehydrated skin, and affect the aging process, While you’re sleeping your skin is renewing and repairing his cells, by not removing your makeup you disturb this process and you make it too hard for your skin.

No. 2 – Not Washing Your Face Properly

This is the most important step of all skin routines, so we have to do it properly, if you’re cleansing your skin wrong you ruin the whole regimen,

We wash our skins to make sure that we remove all impurities and makeup residues, So that we give to our skin the chance to reproduce new skin cells and to renew itself, I suggest you to cleanse your skin on two steps,

first, by th makeup removal, make sure youo’ve removed all the residues and dirt on your face,

Second, Wash your face with a gentle and proper facial cleanser,

No. 3 – Skipping sun cream

This is an essential for your skin, do never go out without your sunscreen, SPF protects your skin from the deadful effects of UV rays, because it can have huge effects on te skin, wearing a sun cream helps you prevent this damage, and so avoid fine lines, saggy skin and sun spots on face.

No. 4 – Getting dehydrated

As for your body health water is important for skin health, it can works wonders on your skin, it keeps the skin cells hydrated and moisturized, the best amount of water to drink is eight glasses or mor during your day. Not getting enough water can lead to dry, dull looking skin.

No. 5 – Improper Sleeping style

One of the most important things that ruin your routine and damage your skin, is not getting enough sleep this can lead to getting a duller complexion.while sleeping your skin re-produce cells and repair, that’s why we should have a proper sleep pattern to give to your skin enough time to repair and regenerate, It is highly recommended to get at least 8 hours of straight sleep to maximize the rejuvenation process in addition to all the other health benefits you can get from sleeping.

We all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our skin and it can be complicated to try different skin care routines and practices. But having a consistent routine and getting it right as far as what to do and what not to do can have a positive effects on your skin health.