Use these remedies to brighten your dark circles

Dark circles under eyes are one of the most commun skin issues everyone have to deal with, They tend to make you look tired. While they should be when you age, some of us can also get them at an early age as well due to a lot of factors.

Symptoms Of Dark Circles

Stress and weakness

Appearance of dark patch under eyes

sleeplessness causing tiredness

puffy area under the lower eyelid, and eye bags begin to form.


Rosewater helps lighten mild to moderate dark circles gradually and also keeps the eye area looking fresh tahnks to its great anti-pigmentation and brightening properties. For best results, make rose pads, simply soak cotton pad in rose water and place it under the eyes for minimum 20 minute.

Remedy 2: MINT

Thanks to his cooling and soothing properties mint is capable to revitalize your skin.

Crush about 5 or 6 mint leaves and apply the paste under the eyes. Leave them on for 15-20 minutes or overnight for better results and then, wipe off with a wet cotton pad. You can also mash mint leaves to some tomato juice and apply the mix around your eyes. This is an effective remedy to lighten dark circles

Remedy 3: GREEN TEA

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and works great to boost your beauty. So after enjoying your cup of green tea, save the tea bag in the refrigerator, then use it under your eyes, it helps to relax and soothe your tired and puffy eyes and brithen the under-eye area,

Remedy 4: ALMOND OIL

Almond oil is a perfect moisturizer and conditionner for skin, use it to treat dark circles and brithen the skin under eyes, Take a few drops of sweet almond oil and gently massage themaround your eyes before going to bed, add this step to yout regular night routine to get rid of dark circles. .

Remedy 5: CUCUMBER

This is the most known remedy for eyes dark circles since it’s used in spa and recommended by estheticians; Take cucumber slices and get them cold then use them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Do it twice daily for a week to see difference. You can also extract the juice out of smashed cucumber, dip some cotton pads in the liquid and place them on your eyes to soothe those dark patches away and also treat puffy eyes.